Supply Planning

Improve the profitability and productivity of your supply chain with SAP supply planning software. Balance the supply and demand – and run your company on actual versus forecasted demand – with SAP supply software.

  • Make better real time sourcing decisions
  • Optimize the distribution network
  • Plan and balance the length of production runs with the costs of holding stock
  • Replenish your stock via time-based order logic

Medium term planning

The demand plan is the input for planners, for both the medium term as the short term planning.

Plan per period or week for the long term and up to the second-bucket for the short term. Using Supply Network Planning (SNP) you can plan the distribution network and the required production capacity for the long term. Typical planning issues that can be solved using SNP:

  • Planning up to endless capacity
  • Optimizing sourcing over the entire network
  • Stock optimization
  • Safety stock calculations

Short term planning

The short term planning of factories can be supported by Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PPDS). Typical issues within the area of production planning are:

  • Sequencing of orders
  • Minimizing setup times
  • Visualize order schedules (drag and drop) using the graphic planning board
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