Supply Network Collaboration

In todays world collaboration between business partners forms a fundamental pillar of performing companies. Whereas in the old days it was revolutionary to break walls within the company boundaries, today inter company collaboration and even inter network collaboration between companies is a fact of modern business.

Synergetic effects

When collabaration is well implemented and embedded in networked businesses, decisive synergetic effects within the supply chain are in advantage to all companies involved.

Inter connected business processes ranging from collaborative forecasting leading to higher forecast accuracies upto and including collaborative fullfillment leading to greater customer satisfaction can be provided by SAP’s Supply Network Collaboration (SNC).

By nature SAP SNC will provide one view to all partners in a particular business process implying the software itself is extermely integrated with open standards as well as old-fashioned integration.

Explore the compelling benefits of true collaborative business and let the network perform for you!

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