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Outsourcing IT management

An increasing number of companies and organizations opt for (partial) outsourcing of their IT management. These companies wish to focus on their core business. Rapid developments and new techniques represent an excessive burden for their IT departments. Outsourcing IT is simply much more cost-effective. If this is something you are considering, it is good to know that AEPEX can tackle the management – partly or entirely. We can do this for companies and organizations that work with SAP and/or Reflex. For these systems, we offer both functional and technical management.

Functional management

  • Expert Support: an experienced AEPEX consultant supports you in complex incidents, in incidents with high priority or in more difficult modification requests. These are, because of their complexity, often small projects that we will tackle together with you. The AEPEX consultants you work with will consult with you at a high level or advise you on solutions (third line support).
  • Back Log Support: AEPEX takes care of the cases that otherwise would remain undone. You outsource incidents with a certain expiration date or lower priority to us, so we can make sure they are resolved. This allows you to focus on urgent incidents and ongoing projects.
  • Remote Application Support: AEPEX offers you second and third-line support in a number of specific areas and applications because this might work better for the organization and the IT department. We will determine the duration and the focus areas.
  • On Site Support: of course, you can also opt for support on location. You simply contact the experienced AEPEX consultant who is present at your office. AEPEX can also offer all (above-mentioned) forms of support on location.

Technical management

  • Application Monitoring: AEPEX proactively monitors your systems and processes and reports frequently about them. And if we encounter problems, we will solve them as quickly as possible.
  • Hosting: would you like to outsource the complete hosting of your SAP or Reflex systems? That’s possible too, and we’d love to offer you a helping hand.


Success Story

Aviko Runs SAP in China

Aviko Runs SAP in China

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