Integrated Business Planning


Connecting the most important processes within your company to find the right insights. In order to be able to subsequently take the right decisions for a true business plan. That’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) in a nutshell.

Match Supply and Demand

This uniform real-time planning solution takes demand, supply, volumes, prices, costs and other financial and business data into account. Various disciplines such as sales, purchasing and production, for example, are linked which enables insight throughout the entire Supply Chain. As a result, you will have the desired helicopter view on your company and achieve a single source truth based on facts. The foundation for business decisions, future plans and KPI goals!

Unite Strategy and Operation

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is often insufficient. Integrating Sales and Operations doesn’t imply you’ve reached your goal. It doesn’t take into account financial components, such as budget cycles, cost prices and financial KPIs. Besides, with S&OP you can’t pass on future scenarios. For example, if you want to open a new warehouse, you obviously want to know what consequences – and what profitable advantages – this will bring. SAP IBP provides you the insights you need and brings strategy and operations closer together.

The great advantages of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

  • IBP ensures you take informed business decisions.
  • IBP provides you with single source and real-time quality data everyone can and wants to work with. This creates confidence.
  • With IBP you can solve and compare various scenarios including their financial impact. The results can simultaneously be analyzed at a detailed and at an aggregated level.
  • IBP takes into account all key business processes, including the financial ones.

In short, SAP Integrated Business Planning leads to the best spot-on business decisions!


Spot on business decisions-through IBPSpot on business decisions-through IBP infographic AEPEX


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SAP integrated business planning solutions overview

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