Data Management

Make targeted choices

‘Data is worth gold’, is what we often hear. However, data is just a representation of facts when it is not placed in the correct context. Only after the correct interpretation of data can we refer to it as valuable information. Every company collects and saves data, but not every organization combines this data with other data and analyses it. What can we do with data analysis? It provides good insights into your organization, the business processes, the markets and/or the products. These insights bring the possibility to make targeted choices which will optimize your processes and yield profit. In short: you will take the right decisions by employing Data Management.

Business Intelligence software

How will you set up that process optimally? Above all you want the retrieval and analysis of your collected data to lead to valuable and reliable indicators of your business processes. To steering and adjustment. To Business Intelligence. That is where you really make the difference.Decent Data Management is indispensable within the logistics sector. Consider for instance the importance of up-to-date inventory management. At AEPEX we make clever use of SAP Business Objects and SAP HANA to achieve this.



More info about SAP Business Objects and SAP HANA and the possibilities of Business Intelligence.

Transform data into insights.

Business Intelligence applicaties

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Make predictions based on your data.

SAP Predictive Analytics

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Real-time visualization of your data.


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