AEPEX helps a world leading producer of high quality potato products implement “One set of Numbers” using SAP Integrated Business Planning

A world leading producer of high quality potato products has recently improved their sales and operations process, using SAP Integrated Business Planning. SAP IBP is the strategic direction for supply chain management of SAP: a cloud based solution on HANA. The goals of this project were to achieve one set of numbers, to eliminate time consuming Excel processing and to focus more on analyzing the data rather than discussing and recalculating margins. These goals were achieved almost immediately after go-live with SAP IBP. The sales managers all over the the world immediately adopted and appreciated the IBP solution.

Work floor meets C-level

The IBP user interface is a very familiar Excel front-end, which is directly linked to the IBP HANA Cloud database. The HANA performance takes care of the on-line and real-time data processing of not only volume data but also financial data. Sales meets Finance. Navigation from high-level to all the nitty gritty details and back is both simple as well as fast. Work floor meets C-level.

The implementation of SAP Integrated Business planning took place within a period of four months. As the project needed to be completed before the start of the budget cycle in only 4 months,  AEPEX and the customer decided to use the agile project approach.  The small  project team was set-up with a mix of all required expertise of controlling concepts, forecasting principles, SAP solutions as SAP APO, BI/BO and ECC, HANA Cloud Integration and off course SAP IBP.  This truly joint effort resulted within a short period of time in a solid and integrated solution and an IBP model than can be expanded for the future forecasting processes.


SAP Integrated Business Planning is the new, state-of-the-art platform from SAP for real-time, integrated supply chain planning – built on SAP HANA that is made available in the cloud. SAP IBP is designed to achieve an integrated, unified planning involving all segments of supply chain management: sales and operations planning, demand, inventory, supply and response planning, and supply chain control tower for dashboard analytics and monitoring.

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