AEPEX 20th anniversary – Customer Event 2017

Thursday September 7th, 2017, airbase Gilze-Rijen

This year we’ve celebrated our 20th anniversary with a spectacular customer event. We’ve treated our customers on a flight in one of the classic airplanes of the Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight (KLUHV) at airport Gilze-Rijen. Fascinating to see how much has changed over the years, but also fascinating to experience that these old airplanes are still fit for the job. Since our customers are always interested in discovering new ways to help their business improve, they did not solely fly.


A new revolution has already begun. My smartwatch keeps track of my daily exercise and I receive updates on my telephone whenever someone passes my security camera. I can control the color of my lights at home, even when I’m not there. These are just a couple of the examples that are part of the Internet of Things or IoT.
Adaptation of this new revolution could make a difference in comparison to the competition. Getting acquainted with some of the possibilities and getting inspired, was our goal.

Guest Speaker

We started our program with a presentation of Gerard van der Hoeven (IoT Gurus). He showed us a lot of examples of how you can use new technology in a disruptive way.
One of the most appealing examples was Amazon. They have built a new warehouse where robots drive the racks to the packing area. By this, they can pack and deliver more orders per hour!


The KLUHV had prepared the following airplanes for us:

Piper cup: a small airplane that offers a great view because of the position of the wings.

Beaver: Ideal for a group experience, since this plane could carry 4 passengers

Harvard: the “beast”, a proper fighter plane.

Before take-off the excitement was clearly visible and after landing it was clear that this was an experience that will be remembered for a long time!


In between the flights our guests could join the “make your own smart doorbell” wokshop where they were able to build several smart solutions using little bits ( ). At the end of the workshop, they had made a smart doorbell, that would send them a text message whenever the button was pressed. No rocket science, but nice to see what ideas came to mind after experimenting for half an hour.

Start ups

The clubhouse and terrace was not only the place to have a drink or meal, it was also the place to meet one of the two start-ups.

Social Brothers had brought a HoloLens. Wearing this HoloLens opened a virtual world on top of the actual world. Going through the clubhouse with this lens on, you’d notice that there had been a virtual Elephant and Shark on the Bar all the time. Amazing to see how accurate this technology is.

This tooling is to inspect, report, analyze and Improve, and as they call it themselves, should be considered the platform for operational excellence and QHSE management.

AEPEX IoT Project

In the past months AEPEX has worked on their own IoT project. When we heard that this event would take our customers into the air, we thought it would be a great idea to follow them from the ground. Not by camera, but by facts, like GPS position, speed, G-force, temperature and humidity.
Of course, this data should not just be real time, but also be integrated in SAP.

This resulted in a Lora board with some additional sensors, that sends the required data via the KPN network into our own SAP HANA database. With some nice FIORI screens, we could show everybody on the ground, what was actually happening in the air. After landing, the history tile gave the user the overall statistics from the flight.

Our own project is still available (not in an airplane, but our remote-controlled car will give you a similar experience). So in case you missed it, contact us!