Supporting The Adaptive Enterprise!

AEDAPTIVe offers J2EE software solutions for the leading SAP NetWeaver application and integration platform.  The group holds approximately 80 professionals including product development and support for AEDAPTIVe Solutions. Being relatively small but solid we are able to adapt quickly and efficiënt to the dynamic environment of our customers. As such, we are able to rapidly deliver new functionality within our solutions or even add customer specific features to support that specific client in the most efficient and reliable way.

AEDAPTIVe delivers SAP NetWeaver Solutions around the globe. We have customers in almost every region: Europe, Australia, United States of America and Canada, served from our Group Head Quarters in Gorinchem, The Netherlands (Europe).

Our Solutions

AEDAPTIVe offers value adding solutions for SAP NetWeaver. Every solution is created based on customer requirements and improved daily. As we are listening to our customers, we’ve created solutions with the most straight forward and competitive license structures.

  • PGP Module for SAP NetWeaver.
  • sFTP Adapter for SAP NetWeaver.
  • EDI/X.400 Adapter for SAP NetWeaver.
  • AS2 Adapter for SAP NetWeaver.


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  • Royal Mail
  • Avebe
  • Aviko
  • Sabic
  • Expert
  • Dow
  • LeasePlan
  • ABB

AS2 for SAP NetWeaver


AEDAPTIVe’s AS2 Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® offers secure and reliable EDIINT AS2 capabilities to exchange EDI, XML or any text message format of choice via the Internet is supported without the need of additional software.

Key Features
  • Unlimited license!
  • Automatic document recognition. Using embedded correlation logic and recognition document can be easily tracked in a correlated matter.
  • Built-in AS2 support. No need for additional software or tools. Only a fixed Internet connection will be sufficient to reduce EDI networking costs.
  • Message Monitor for viewing native XML or EDI content.
  • Display EAN -numbers when available from message.
  • Included test scenarios for educational purposes. Safely play around with AS2 using guided procedures.
  • HTTP(s).
  • AS2.
  • XML.
  • Flat Files.
  • 3DES encryption.
  • RC2 (40,64,128) encryption.
  • AES (128,192,256) encryption.
  • MD5 , SHA1 signing.

EDI/X.400 for SAP NetWeaver

PGP for SAP NetWeaver

AEDAPTIVe PGP is a solution for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration that offers PGP encryption and decryption in the form of SAP NetWeaver PI modules. This means that – unlike other products on the market – AEDAPTIVe PGP is completely integrated in SAP NetWeaver. This has several benefits. The most important one is that the encryption and decryption process takes place within SAP NetWeaver PI, so that there are no unencrypted data files on disk that can be compromised. A second benefit is that the encryption and decryption process can be monitored completely using the standard monitoring tools of SAP NetWeaver PI. Your support staff does not need to use external monitoring tools to keep track on the PGP encryption process.


  • Public key encryption and decryption
  • Creating digital signatures
  • Public key encryption and decryption for multiple recipients
  • Compatibility with the OpenPGP standard
  • Supported public key algorithms RSA, DH, DSS
  • Supported symmetric key algorithms AES, 3DES, and others
  • Compression
  • ASCII armoring (Radix64 encoding)
  • Symmetric key encryption and decryption
  • Combination with public key encryption
  • Key management

SFTP for SAP NetWeaver

SFTP, or secure FTP, is a concept that uses SSH to transfer files. Unlike standard FTP, it encrypts both commands and data, preventing passwords and sensitive information from being transmitted in the clear over the network. It is functionally similar to FTP, uses a different, newly designed protocol.


  • SFTP version Draft version 3
  • Data streams SSH2 only
  • Authentication Methods Password, Public Key, Host Based
  • Proxy HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxy authentication
  • Archiving
  • Setting file permissions on new files
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